CompuCounts Direct Debit software is an SEPA compatible solution for debt collection with full back office integration. The software allows you to efficiently process requests for payments against customer invoices, creating the bank request and recording the payment along with the allocation into the back office system.


Features include:

Straight Forward Interface

The Direct Debit software is designed to have a simple straight forward interface to the debt collection process. Its aging grid, similar to an Aged Debtors report, is designed to segregate invoices based on their aging period, something any credit controller will be familiar with. The interface supports both fine grained and course gained credit control, the user has the option to select payment for an entire payment or with a double click drill down and select individual invoices to be paid.

User-Defined Aging

One of the key features of the software is the ability to define the aging periods used in the system. Need to collect weekly, collect after the end of the month, or simply want more aging intervals? No problem, just use the straight forward interface to change the aging the way you want it.

Full integration

With a fully integrated solution there is no need to re-key. Information used in the software is pulled directly from the back office system with payments and allocations written back saving office staff the hassle of manually entering it into the system. As a result, your debtors and bank positions are right up to date, helping you to keep track of exactly how well things are going.

Better Credit Control

With Direct Debit you are already ahead of the payment curve. No more waiting for a cheque in the post. Not only will Direct Debit lead to a more efficient office, but it will also speed up debt collection and improve your credit control.

SEPA compliant

We have worked with the major banks to ensure the Direct Debit software is SEPA compliant and fully compatible with their systems.

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