goSell is CompuCount's flagship handheld product designed to give mobile sales staff all the information they need while out on the road. The goSell product is designed to increase business efficiency within an organization by fully integrating to off-site operations with back office systems. With goSell, gone are the days of manual entry of delivery dockets, head-aches when PODs go missing and hassle over pricing discrepancies.
Our 'big button' style screens give the operator in the field a clean interface to the information they need and allow them to quickly and efficiently enter information. At the same time our Control Centre middle-ware channels feed created information back into your back-office system, giving office staff an up-to-date view of how things are going and allowing for the advance preparation of sales orders if required for next day delivery.


Some of the main features are:

Supports Multiple Roles

The system supports a number of different business roles by default. Be it a Sales Rep taking an order from a customer, a Delivery man getting Proof-Of-Delivery (POD) for a goods dispatch, a Van Sales rep delivering non-ordered goods or a Credit Control Rep, goSell gives you the ability to do all these different jobs in a single application.

Supports a huge variety of different devices

As goSell is written both for Window Mobile and Android environments, it supports a large range of different devices. Customers can choose from budget smart phones, to tablets, to higher end rugged mobile devices. Within an organization the hardware used can be chosen to match the role of the operator, for example, sales reps can run goSell on their existing smart phones, whereas rugged mobile devices may be a better option for delivery staff.


Probably one of the most advanced features of the goSell system is its ability to carry multiple different company's data-sets on a single device. The system will seamlessly switch settings, products and VAT rates depending on which data-set a particular account is related to. This advanced feature allows a Rep to service multiple different agencies all on the same device providing separate transactions for each.

Seamless Back-Office Integration

Gone are the days when integration meant outputting and importing CSV files. In today's business world, customers expect systems to talk to each other without issues. As back office people, one of our goals is to make sure the integration works simply and out of the box. Today, goSell integrates to the most popular business systems as standard, while other back-office systems can be linked in through our plug-in frameworks.

Defined Route or Search Based Route

Through the PC based Control Centre, multiple 'Defined Routes' can be created and assigned to a mobile device. The route will then prompt the user for where they should make their next call but at the same time allowing them to use the customer search to make a non-scheduled call should circumstances dictate. In areas where routes cannot be dictated simply add a 'Search Based' route to the device and let the user to search for their next customer each time.

Central Billing Features

goSell supports a number of useful features when dealing with centrally billed (CB) customers. Deliveries to CB customers are treated as a delivery transaction, requiring a POD reference to be given and printed as a Delivery Note with its own customizable printout format. The 'Restricted Price List' feature can be used to prevent the sale of unlisted product into CB accounts, an essential feature when CB groups only accept listed products on invoices.

Standard Features

Add to this a list of standard features, which include multi-currency support, remote synchronization, wireless printing and on device journey reports, goSell is a comprehensive solution for any business seeking to optimize its mobile operations.


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