We at CompuCount recognize the need for full proficiency in an IT system before you can reap the benefits the system offers. We provide comprehensive training to ensure every user can make the most of their systems from management level generating reports to show productivity in certain areas; recognize where the work is being done and identify where improvements can be made down to the user managing credit control and keeping track of work in progress. It is not enough to have a system which includes all the bells and whistles - it is vital to know how to use it.


With each new implementation, we deliver comprehensive training across all our product areas to ensure seamless integration of these products in your business.
goSell - Mobile Sales
EDI Suite
Dunnes EPOS Importer
Rapid Entry Screens
Intact iQ


Initially, we will provide complimentary training onsite at your business to ensure your business is fully up and running with the new systems. We can also offer training centrally at our limerick office, which can prove a more productive training time away from your busy office. Another option would be training through Remote Access. This allows the user to break up the training into hourly chunks, which can often be easier to digest the information and come back once they are confident enough to progress to the next stage. In each training session we will provide you with training documentation on what has been covered. If you have any further questions you can contact our highly trained help desk.

The success of our training, results from our commitment to working in partnership with clients. Whether you choose to attend our central training or have the course run at your own offices, it is our priority to ensure we deliver a focused and relevant session based on your specific needs.

CompuCount Ltd., 18 Cois Luachra, Dooradoyle, Limerick. Tel: (061) 305033
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