Software Development has always been a core activity in CompuCount, indeed our ability to take off the shelf packages and enhance them to meet specific business requirements is one of the key factors why customers choose to deal with us.
We divide our software development activities broadly into three main categories: Integration Development, Interface Development and System Development.

Integration Development

Put simply, integration development focuses on making distinct and separate software packages to talk to each other. Most modern businesses use many different software packages to control different aspects of their business, each one producing and consuming information. Unfortunately, many of these systems are built as self-contained applications, which can lead to a dispersal of critical information across several different systems, with some systems reporting out-of-date information until they are manually updated. By integrating all software components of a business, information can be made consistent across the entire business. Ledger balances, stock levels and business transactions can be automatically updated and synchronized without any manual intervention or keying.

Interface Development

Traditionally, back office systems have adopted a one size fits all approach to interface design, which ultimately leads to busy screens full of irrelevant information and data entry points which are either unnecessary or poorly validated. Business efficiency can be drastically increased by presenting the entry personnel with a screen layout designed to minimize the amount of information that needs to be entered, while at the same time, presenting the user with any additional information which might be relevant.
One of the main aspects of modern life is the prevalence of touch enabled devices with many people using at least one smart phone or tablet every day. However, most back office systems rigidly adhere to keyboard and mouse input, meaning that they are not designed to make full use of the touch capabilities of modern devices. Well-designed ergonomic interfaces can also be distributed to a wider market, through apps allowing greater consumer-supplier interaction than ever before.

System Development

Unlike the other development types, which are built around enhancing existing infrastructure, system development takes a blank canvas approach and aims to build a new system based on specific customer requirements. In the design phase, we evaluate requirements and decide which existing components and systems best fit the specification and plan which elements need to be custom written. We aim to leverage existing and well proven technology to the maximum extent and use bespoke software where necessary to provide the end user with a well-polished system designed to meet there own specific needs.

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