In CompuCount, we firmly believe that smooth running business processes and systems are a key requirement in modern business. With that in mind, our consultancy service aims to improve business practices under three main headings: Procedural, Control and Infrastructure.


Our experts can come to your business and help examine the current processes from many different angles, not just the bottom line. We can ask the important questions, determine vulnerabilities and suggest corrective action where necessary. Proper well documented procedures are a key element to the efficient running of any business. CompuCount can examine your current processes and suggest possible alternatives based on both the current and future business needs.


Having the proper IT infrastructure is a vital component to any modern successful business, however it is an area fraught with acronyms and people trying to sell you anything from backup solutions to high speed internet. Why not have CompuCount examine your current IT infrastructure? Our engineers have experience in all areas of the IT business and can suggest meaningful changes which can make a real difference to your business.


Under the control heading of our consultancy service, our engineers examine potential areas of weakness in your business and suggest methods of improvement. Reporting is a key tool in improving areas of control within your business; know what stock is selling and what is not, know who you owe and more importantly who owes you and how long they owe it. Our engineers can help design a framework of reports to help you keep track of your business and highlight anomalies.

CompuCount Ltd., 18 Cois Luachra, Dooradoyle, Limerick. Tel: (061) 305033
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