CompuCount's Warehouse System is designed to mobilize your back-office system onto the warehouse floor. Move away from expensive PC based user systems to a system which lets your warehouse staff work on the floor, without needing to return to a workstation to record the work they have just done. No more paper, no more waiting, the warehouse system will instantly transfer information from a mobile handheld device used on the warehouse floor level into the back office as the transaction is being recorded.


Some of the main features of the Warehouse System are:

Sales Transactions

The system supports the creation of orders, direct deliveries and order picking/dispatch. The mobile nature of the system allows the user to accompany a customer through different stock options and build a delivery or order on the fly. The picking side of the system allows the user to select an order for picking and presents them with the products on the order and also information on which products are picked and which remain to be dealt with.


On the purchasing side, the user can create a purchase order, receive goods against an existing order or create a goods returns note for faulty goods. Creating a purchase order is easy, simply scan the product or its shelf edge label and enter the quantity you wish to order. When the goods arrive just enter the order reference or the supplier code and the system will download the order from the back office directly to the device. Scanning each product ensures the correct product is being receipted into stock while at the same time the system will show the quantity ordered to ensure that over or under deliveries are noted and dealt with appropriately.

Stock Counting

The system allows the user to either cycle count a particular location or to use the unit as part of a larger full stock count. When doing a full stock count the count sheets of multiple units can be combined to form an overall count which is then written into the back office system.


Bar-coding is a very important aspect of inventory control in a modern day warehouse. The system allows the user to print out a bar-code for the currently selected stock item which can either be attached to the product itself or be used as a shelf edge label.

Intra-Warehouse Transfers

Need to track stock movements between multiple warehouses? No problem! The Warehouse System can be used to record the transfer of goods both in and out of your warehouses making sure that your stock levels are correct in each location.

Live information

One of the key points of the system is that information should be as live as possible. Transactions sent from devices will hit the back office within seconds of being saved on the device. Orders to be dispatched or received are pulled directly from the back office when the device requests them. Stock level information in your back office is correct and up to the minute.

Better Control

Traditionally, warehouse operations did the work first and recorded later which led to mistakes, transactions or stock going missing, incorrect stock levels and wrong products being sent to the wrong customers. The main causes for this were lack of proper procedures and back-office systems which were not designed for warehouse use. The handheld based warehouse system tries to eliminate the non-essential and give the user an easy efficient way to get information into the back-office system.